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Interestingly, India is home to a huge number of a huge number of industries in manufacturing, retail and distribution. Considering the growth of Information technology in the country the small and medium businesses and Enterprises are competing actively in the quest to be successful in the globally competitive market. Enterprise resource planning software customized to the evolving industry trends will play a big role in helping small, medium and large enterprises to come to the forefront of the industry.

The demand for sophisticated solutions will always exist to cater to the changing trends. This could be impossible to attain with any ordinary or even sets of stand-alone software, only a software tailored to your needs can fit into this. Agile Techsoft empowers business to develop a more customized ERP solution that fits your budget and requirements.

Being the foremost ERP provider in India the company easily responds to evolving demands, continuously does the required changes and implements the software, allowing business to focus on what really matters in terms of their success. The final solution could empower businesses to provide an easier and quicker response to changing customer requirements. The benefits of iXpert ERP system for your small and medium business are infinite. With complete customization and many business niche features you can easily find your customized ERP software for your business needs with best ERP software company in India.The solutions are made available to users from other parts of India and overseas, including Chennai, Coimbatore,Mumbai, Kerala, UAE and the rest of MiddleEast counties and Africa through a network of skilled partners.

Stay Focused With Right ERP In India

Being the leading ERP provider in India, iXpert has empowered many small and medium business to streamline their activities and helping them move their business forward. When you decide to have a reliable and scalable ERP solution for your business, trust in the best ERP Software Provider India. You can really remain competitive with the best custom-built ERP software.

What is ERP
What is ERP

What is ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a management concept. All companies or Enterprises utilize resources like Man, Money, Time, Material to achieve profitable operations. In practice, ERP is best managed by use of specialized software to achieve optimum efficiency and profitability.

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ERP Solutions for following sectors


Project Management

Project Management business have a process distinct from that of manufacturing companies


Manufacturing business have a process that involves processing input material(s) to create output material(s).


Companies in the Retail Dsitribution business have a unique business process and have very specific requirements.


Retail companies follow a specific process involving Point of Sale, Material Management Systems and Accounting.

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Popular Modules


Customer Relationship Management is fast gaining prominence in the systematic business management area.

Financial Accounting

Accounting for a company’s money is a specialized process. In a country like India with direct and indirect taxes.

Payroll / HRMS

Payroll processing is an important part of business management for companies with above 5 employees.


Unlike Accounting, managing Inventory can be very complicated since companies deal with different products.

Our amazing features

Professional Delivery

The solution is sold and delivered by seasoned professionals, all having over 20 years of industry experience. With experienced Project Management, Functional and Technical consultants Agile Techsoft offers the best solutions to your business problems.

Online Support

In this age of Internet, iXpert offers after-sales support over remote connectivity so that delays caused by site visits are avoided completely. On-site support is done only when strictly needed and we have designed a system over years whereby problems are solved through remote support in minutes instead of days.

Statutory Compliance

iXpert assures of statutory compliance as any changes in tax and other laws are incorporated and new releases updated without undue delay.

Windows and Cloud Based

iXpert offers online/offline version on Microsoft Windows with data sync over Internet at user definable periods and mobile app, or browser based version which is device independent for online use.